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Caring Connections: Geriatric Care Management - 'When you don't know where to turn...' Geriatric Care Management
Love sometimes just doesn't reach far enough when you are dealing with the overwhelming problems of confused, frail or disabled older loved ones.
Of course, you try your best to help but....
  • Do you find you just don't have the time required to deal with all the day-to-day problems?
  • Do you find the variety of insurance plans confusing?
  • Are you aware of all the community resource options available to you?
  • Do you live near enough to be readily available?
  • Do you find that you lack the skills, knowledge, direction and/or the emo¬≠tional distance to problem solve for your loved one?
What Is Caring Connections?
Caring Connections is a group practice composed of professionally trained, mature, caring social workers. Each individual in the practice has many years of experience within the field of geriatrics. Drawing upon this experience, we provide our clients with numerous alternatives. Decisions are made with the entire family or support network with objective assistance from the social worker. Caring Connections also offers sensitive counseling to help older adults achieve optimal quality of life.
Services Provided By Caring Connections
  • Assessment of the individual's physical, mental and emotional status, home environment, nutrition, financial resources, social needs and his or her wishes, together with those of the support network.
  • Individual and Family Counseling regarding residential options, home care needs, medical and nursing care, health insurance and life transitions.
  • Coordination of Care including monitoring and supervision of all activities included in the plan.
  • Discharge Planning with hospital or nursing home staff to enable the older adult to function in the least restrictive environment.
  • Referral to other professionals such as psychologists, dieticians, physical, occupational and speech therapists, elder law attorneys and others as needed.
  • Assistance in procuring personnel for cooking, cleaning, personal care, home health care and home maintenance contracted through reputable outside agencies.
  • Regular Visitation to maintain consistent contact and a sense of security.
  • Reimbursement Consultation to assist in receiving maximum benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, Passport and Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Education & Training Services are available for individuals, health care professionals and community groups.
How Does Caring Connections Work?
When you call, Caring Connections will immediately set up a meeting with the older adult and/or their support network to discuss their needs. Caring Connections will formulate a plan of action, in cooperation with you.
Caring Connections will evaluate the resources needed, estimate the costs involved and determine what insurance or other benefits may be applicable.
Once a plan has been chosen, Caring Connections will coordinate the necessary services and monitor their implementation.
Continual communication is a key component to good care and is always a part of our services.
"From extensive personal experience, I can vouch for the value of the knowledgeable and conscientious services of Caring Connections in dealing with problems frequently faced by senior citizens. These services are particularly helpful in situations where family members are not nearby or are otherwise limited in being able to render assistance."
H.B.: client and practicing attorney
"I was introduced to Caring Connections by my former employer who had previous experience with the agency. Now that I've relocated to a nursing home, I realize, I couldn't have done it without them. Just hearing my social worker's voice cheers me up."
M.N.: nursing home resident
Why Caring Connections?
Phyllis Wolk, as a licensed independent social worker, founded Caring Connections in 1989 and provided geriatric care management in the Cleveland area.
Though Phyllis has now retired, Caring Connections lives on. Rita Schraff, licensed independent social worker, acquired Caring Connections in 2004 and continues the caring tradition that Phyllis began.
As a member of the National Association of Geriatric care Managers, Caring Connections will help you sort out your options so you can make the best decisions. Our experience has proven that older adults and their support networks have different needs requiring specialized planning. We limit the size of our clientele so that we can offer prompt and personalized services tailored to the special needs of our clients.
You are not alone. We at Caring Connections can help you as we have helped others.
"I do not live in the Cleveland area, so I asked Caring Connections to "check on" my mother once a week. I felt this was a way for me to keep up with Mom's care and condition, address any problems within a reasonable period and let staff know there was someone locally they could work with should the need arise. Caring Connections has been a wonderful resource. Mom has a real connection with Rita who has managed to bring out her sense of humor. I don't think that Mom's nursing home stay would be as free of problems without Rita's watchful eye and compassion."
A.E.: Client's daughter
Member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
Member of the National Association of Social Workers